Cute August 2020 Calendar Designs

August 2020 Calendar Designs: Welcome back to download the cute designs of August 2020 calendar which can be used for decoration, management and other purposes. It is the 8th month of the year which has maximum days and this year, it is beginning on Saturday. I’m going to provide you cute, beautiful, and amazing designs of August monthly calendars in different styles, fonts and layouts. But before that I would like to present you floral calendar of this month.

Cute August 2020 Calendar Designs

If you are looking to decorate your House or Office walls with beautiful calendars of August month, then I can help you. Here are the beautifully crafted printable calendars of this month which can be used for such decorations. I think you should download printable August 2020 calendar. Before you start downloading these designs, let’s talk about this month. There are two countries – Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, these two countries celebrates the Independence Day in the month of August. In 2015, it was the only month that begun on Saturday. It is quite popular baby name in Sweden. The city of Augusta, Georgia was named after Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha (1719-1772), mother of King George III. Given below are the designs that you were looking for.

August calendar with beautiful design

The first design is featuring simple calendar on white background with some flowers in white and orange color floral combination. It is designed for decoration purpose and for walls of your Home, Office, etc. Have a look at it.

cute august 2020 calendar design
August 2020 Beautiful Calendar Design

August lighting design in colorful combination

The next one is featured with lots of colors and lights in colorful combination. Although it is used for designing things, but it can be used for making schedule of the upcoming days, arranging tasks and other activities.

cute august 2020 calendar design
August 2020 Calendar Design

Ladders to heaven design theme

Presenting you a unique and pretty design with simple message. The calendar explains that hard work and dedication takes you to the Heaven. It is featured with clouds and ladders on orange background.

cute august 2020 calendar design
August 2020 Pretty Design Calendar

Cute birds calendar design of August

Do you like birds? Do you want to feel the chirpings of birds? Then this is the design that you must have. Here is a special calendar featuring mom bird and baby bird making this design different the others. What are your thoughts about it?

cute august 2020 calendar design
Cute August 2020 Birds Calendar

Romantic design for the couples

In the end, there is a romantic calendar design of August 2020 that couples can use. Although it is designed in Love theme, but it is not a compulsion that only couples can use it. Anyone is allowed to download and use it anytime.

cute august 2020 calendar design
Cute August 2020 Design

Floral calendar design with flowers

Love flowers? So get a unique and non-seen calendar of this month which is featured with beautiful flowers and leaves along with monthly calendar of August. The flowers are available in yellow and white, while leaves are in brown.

august 2020 flower calendar
August 2020 floral calendar design

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Inspirational calendar design with quote

In order to stay focused, you need inspiration. That’s why I’ve added an inspirational design of this month. It is featured with a calendar and text “God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers.”

august 2020 inspirational calendar
August 2020 calendar design with quote

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So these are the cute August 2020 calendar designs with different themes are templates. I hope you like them. You can also download iPhone August 2020 calendar wallpaper for your Apple iPhone background screen.

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