iPhone August 2020 Calendar Wallpapers

iPhone August 2020 Calendar Wallpaper: Beautiful collection of August 2020 iPhone HD calendar wallpapers for home screen background. If you are looking for a high quality calendar for your smartphone, then we are here to help you. It’s time to have a new wallpaper on your iPhone’s screen and what could be a better wallpaper than a calendar? August is yet another month with 31 days. The Latin name of this month is Augustus Mensis, the month of Augustus I’ve shared PC desktop calendar wallpapers also.

Today, it is known as the 8th month of the year, but it was the 6th month at the time of Ancient Roman calendar. No other month in common years begins on the same day of the week as August, but August begins on the same day of the week as February in leap years. In years immediately before common years, August starts on the same day of the week as May of the following year, and in years immediately before leap years, October of the following year.

iPhone August 2020 Calendar Wallpapers

Just like our previous wallpaper collection, I’ve shared the new calendars for this month also. Although these are designed for the background screen of your Apple iPhone, but they can be used for other purposes also like a House wall or Office wall calendar, a desk calendar, etc. Talking about this month, 1st of August is Lammas day, and was Thanksgiving time [Harvest time] in Britain.

Cute Owl wallpaper with cyan background

The first wallpaper is featuring a cute and calm baby Owl surrounded by wheat. For the background, I’ve provided cyan which is looking quite impressive, isn’t it? It’s resolution is 1414 x 1200 pixels.

iphone august 2020 calendar wallpaper
August 2020 Background Wallpaper

Snowy wallpaper with August calendar

I know August is not a winter month but when you talk about wallpapers, you can design whatever you like and you can save whatever you like. So do you like this one or want to save other one? Well, there are some more pics available below.

iphone august 2020 calendar wallpaper
August 2020 iPhone Wallpaper

A wallpaper for the Lovers of Nature

Presenting you a calendar featured on a beautiful nature scene. Beautiful mountains, calm and clean river and bright sky. Have something to say about this natural beauty?

iphone august 2020 calendar wallpaper
August 2020 Nature Calendar Wallpaper

Try something delicious in this month

It’s the eighth month of the year which means festivals are about to begin across the globe. Celebrate the special days with your close ones and enjoy this delicious wallpaper featuring the monthly calendar of August 2020.

iphone august 2020 calendar wallpaper
August 2020 Phone Wallpaper

Complete your tasks and fly high

Simple but beautiful. Here is one more wallpaper featuring clouds and calendar. Use it as your home screen wallpaper or print it for your house walls.

iphone august 2020 calendar wallpaper
iPhone August 2020 Calendar Wallpaper

Dark wallpaper with stylish font in red & white

Last but not the least, the last one is consists of red and white colored August font. Simple but it still looking quite attractive. Do not forget to download our floral August 2020 printable calendar that I previously shared with you.

iPhone August 2020 HD Calendar

How much you like the above wallpapers of August month? What are your thoughts? Have you say in the comment box. If you like them, feel free to share them with others also. Do not forget to print August 2020 calendar.

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