4th Of July Facts And Figures You Should Know

4th Of July Facts: We are just a few days away from celebrating the Independence Day in the United States. But before we start making preparations, we should know some facts and figures about this day. But before that, you may like to get 4th of July US Flag pictures. Don’t you? The United States of America declared itself Independent on 4th of July 1776. This is the day when everyone unites for the nation and celebrate the Freedom for which they fought a tough battle. Today, we are going to discuss about some facts about this special day. So let’s start.

4th of july facts

4th of July Facts and Figures

  • John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were the only two signers of the Declaration of Independence who later became the President of the United States.
  • On 8th July 1776 in the Philadelphia, the first Independence Day celebration took place. On this day, the first declaration of Independence was 1st read in public.
  • Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States and there’s an interesting fact behind it. Turkey bird as the national bird was proposed by Benjamin Franklin but this decision was overruled by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and recommended the Bald Eagle.

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  • Out of eight singers of the Declaration of Independence were educated at the Harvard University.
  • In order to sign the Declaration of Independence, 56 men from all 13 colonies of the United States took part.
  • The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is tapped 13 times in honor of the original 13 colonies of the United States on the Independence Day.

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  • The tradition of setting off fireworks on this day actually began in 1777.
  • Massachusetts was the first to make Independence Day a holiday on 3rd July 1781. It first recognized “the anniversary of the “Independence of the United States of America”.
  • We all know 4th of July is a Federal holiday but it was not a Federal holiday until 1870. Congress declared Independence Day an unpaid Federal holiday as part of a bill to officially recognize several holidays. In 1941, the 4th of July finally became a paid holiday for Federal employees.
  • Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe all died on the 4th of July.
  • You may have noticed that stars on US earlier flag were arranged in circular manner so all the Colonies would appear equal.


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So these are the facts related to 4th of July. If you have something to share, do it in the comment box below and share with the others.

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