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American Flag Day Facts: On 14th June of this year, the United States will be celebrating the National Flag day. Ever wondered why this flag day is celebrated? Today, we are going to discuss about some interesting facts about this special day. But before proceeding further, you should National Flag Day 2020 HD images that you can share with others. It is celebrated because of the adoption of the Flag on 14 June in 1777. On this day, the United States celebrates US Army Birthday also. It was President Woodrow Wilson who issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as #NationalFlagDay.

American National Flag Day Facts
American National Flag Day Facts

Yes, it was established in Congress, but it is not a Federal Holiday. In 1937 Pennsylvania became the first state to make Flag Day and official state holiday. People on this day fly the American flag all week. States organizes Flag Day parades. Given below are the facts about this day that you should know about.

American National Flag Day Facts

  • The flag is known as “Stars and Stripes”. This is the nickname given to the design of the American flag.
  • Although it is not a Federal Holiday, but still US holds parades and festivals to honor this Flag.
  • The red color of the flag stands for Valor and Hardiness. Blue stands for Justice, Perseverance, and Vigilance. White stands for Innocence and Purity.
  • So far, the design of the United States flag has changed 27 times. On 4th July 1960, the last change was made with the inclusion of the 50th state i.e. Hawaii.

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  • The total number of stripes [Red and White] represents 13 colonies of the United States, while 50 stars represents 50 states of the United States.
  • So far, six American flags have been located on the moon. Apollo crews 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 planted the flags on the moon.
  • Birthday of the United States Army also celebrated on the same day [14 June] every year.
  • In Troy, New York, the largest National Flag Day parade is held in which about 50,000 people witness the parade each year.

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  • Despite the rule of raising the American flag at sunrise and lowering it as sunset, it is flown 24 hours at several locations, which is done by law or by presidential proclamation.
  • This day honors the American Flag and all its traditions. Historically, the story that Betsy Ross created the first flag has been passed down through the generations. However, it is actually believed that a United States Congressman named Francis Hopkinson created the first flag.
  • In 1894, the Governor of the New York directed that the flag be displayed on all public buildings on 14 June.

So these are the National Flag Day facts of the United States. Try our Flag Day profile pics for Facebook to celebrate this day on social networks.

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