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Happy Flag Day Gif Pictures: Celebrate the Flag day of the United States with beautiful animated Gif pictures on your Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social networks. On this 14th June, USA will be celebrating the day on which its flag was adopted back in 1777. The day was recognized by the President Woodrow Wilson. It is not a federal holiday, but it is still celebrated enthusiastically in the United States. Here are the Gif pictures of this day that you can send to your friends, and relatives on various platforms.

The first design of the flag was adopted in 1777 and since then, the design has been officially modified 26 times. For 47 years, the 48-star flag was in effect. In 1959, the 49-star version became official on July 4. President Eisenhower ordered the 50-star flag on August 21, 1959. Robert G. Heft of Ohio designed the 50-star American flag at the age of seventeen. More than 1500 designs were submitted to the President Eisenhower along with the design of Heft. Have you seen Happy 4th of July animated gif pictures?

Happy Flag Day 2020 Animated Gif Pictures

Get ready to download beautiful animated Gif pics of the US flag day. You can use Flag day 2020 Whatsapp profile pics on this day along with these Gif pictures.

happy flag day animated gif pics
US Flag Day Animated Gif Pics
happy flag day animated gif pics
US National flag day animated gif

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happy flag day animated gif pics
America Flag Day animated gif pics
happy flag day animated gif pics
Flag Day gif for whatsapp

Flag Day Gif Pictures For Whatsapp, Facebook

With time, so many modifications have been made with increase in number of states. The flag gradually began gaining more stars as the number of states in the union grew until 1960, when the 50th and final state, Hawaii, was incorporated. Take a look at Flag Day 2020 HD wallpapers, images

happy flag day animated gif pics
National Flag Day Gif Pictures
happy flag day animated gif pics
Happy Flag Day 2020 GIf Photos
happy flag day animated gif pics
National flag day 2020 gif photo
happy flag day animated gif pics
flag day animated waving gif pics

So download these Flag Day Gif pictures and share them with your close ones. You may also like Flag Day messages with images. On this day, Many towns and cities hold annual Flag Day parade, the largest of which is staged in Troy, New York, attracting more than 50,000 viewers. Wish you all very Happy Flag Day!

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