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Happy Flag Day Messages: Celebrate the flag day of the United States on 14th June this year with beautiful heart touching, inspirational messages with images. Wish your close ones a very happy flag day with our latest pics which are featured with messages and wishes. Share these pictures on Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms. Earlier, I provided you flag day profile pics for Facebook and now, I’m delighted to share flag day messages with images. Although it is not a Federal Holiday, but it still matters a lot for the people of the United States.

This day has a long history and began on the local level. It’s origins date back to 1885, when a schoolteacher in Wisconsin had his class honor “Flag Birthday” on June 14 to mark the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777. From there, communities across the country began to mark the day. [Source]

Happy Flag Day Messages With Images

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Flag Day messages with images
  • A flag of a country stands for the blood and sweat that the Patriots of the country had shed so we can guess how sentimental a flag of a country is to its citizens.
  • The national flag of a country deserves the respect of all the citizens of the country.
  • A flag should never be kept on the ground, it should always be held high.
  • The flag of a country is the country’s biggest asset and it should always be respected.

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  • No matter in which country you are staying, the national flag of your own country will always remind you of where you belong.
  • Always be proud of the flag of our country as many people sacrificed their lives for its honor, each and every battle fought by American was led by this flag and it is the strength of our nation…. Happy flag day to you!
  • We are born in the United States and we are one. Our flag is the strongest representation of our strength and we would go farthest to fight for it.
  • Today is a very proud day for every American. It is the celebration day to recall the day when our flag was adopted, to take an oath that we will always do the needful to protect its honor.

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  • It is not just a flag, it is the symbol of our national pride, our glorious history and our freedom.
  • Our flag is the representative of our freedom. It is an expression of the unity of all the men and women. Let us recall and celebrate the efforts made by our countrymen is making our country proud. Happy Flag Day!
  • Flag Day is the reminder that we all are Americans. We all must be very proud of our country, of our culture, of our flag which fills our hearts with pride.

Happy Flag Day Inspirational Messages

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Inspirational Flag Day messages
US Flag Day best messages
  • Even if you are staying in a foreign country for many years, you will find yourself involuntarily cheering for your own country at any tournament, at the sight of your national flag. Happy Flag Day my friend!
  • Let us all shed a year for all those soldiers who gave up their lives for the National Flag.
  • You should be ashamed of yourself if the National flag of your country does not stir patriotism in you.
  • Let us all celebrate this flag day by going back in time, learning about the history of the flag and our country.
  • We all are united with one land, one country and one flag. No matter how different we are but our flag binds us into one strong force. Let us promise to always fight for the honor of our flag.
  • We have given all our heart, all our soul and all our love to our country .We are a nation bonded with one land and one flag. Let us promise to always respect our flag and live for it. Happy Flag Day!
  • American Flag represents each and every one of us. It is the most sacred thing for every American.
  • It is not just a flag, it is the symbol of our National Pride, our glorious History and our Freedom. Happy Flag Day!
  • All the strength to the soldiers comes from the flag. Let us take inspiration from our flag to be more patriotic.
  • When you hoist your country’s flag, you always find yourself infused with such high spirits.

So these are the Flag day messages with images that you can share with your relatives, friends and others on Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, etc. You may also need US Flag day 2020 HD images.

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