July Calendar Bullet Journal Printable Ideas

July Calendar Bullet Journal Printable: Get ready for some great bullet journal ideas to plan the month of July 2020. Fun lovers are welcome here to try new bullet journals based on the seventh month of this year. Prepare yourself for one more Summer month with cool bullet journals. Whether your pages are red, white, and blue for the 4th, all things beach related, or something to do with ice cream there are just so many options for themes, layouts, and covers for the summer months. Have you seen July 2020 printable calendar collection? There are lots of printable DIY ideas available here. Go through this collection and have fun!

July Calendar Printable Bullet Journal Ideas

There are a number of users of this activity. Bujo is such a journey that people who are interested in starting one get overwhelmed when they compare their own day one to another’s day 500. You are going to make spreads you Love and ones you dislike. You may start trackers and forget about filling them in. You’re going to make spreads that don’t work for you. And you will make mistakes and smudges. Wrong lines here and spills there, but they are all part of your bujo and they are a part of the story. So do not worry about their final appearances, just keep on trying and see your improvisation.

Balloon flight theme idea

Have you ever tried a balloon flight? Well, it’s off topic question. Try this beautiful impressive bullet journal idea and see how it looks. You can try different color combination also.

july bullet journal printable ideas
Balloon Flight July Bujo

July Bujo inspired by aquatic life

Now try something from different kingdom. Presenting a bullet journal with aquatic organisms with start-fish, shell. Give it a try with your kids.

july bullet journal printable ideas
July Bujo Front Cover DIY

Hello July bullet journal printable

As this month is pretty warm as compared to other months, you may have planned beach activities. So don’t you try a bullet journal inspired with this theme? Featured with swimming stuff, the all new July Bujo is yours.

july bullet journal printable ideas
Hello July Bullet Journal

Inspiring July Bujo DIY printable idea

Need inspiration? Have a look at this new Bujo which is featured with a quote “If you can’t find the Sunshine, be the Sunshine!” Enough said to stay inspired throughout this month. Our inspirational July 2020 calendar will help you to find more inspiring calendars.

july bullet journal printable ideas
Inspirational July Bullet Journal

Printable July Bujo DIY Theme Layouts

Before we proceed further, I would like to show some July calendar wallpapers. We are continuing this collection with some more ideas that you can try at home or at anywhere else. Take a look at our other collection which is featured with July calendar with holidays. Those who are looking for some more DIY ideas can proceed further as more Bujos of this month are available below.

For the lovers of Watermelon

Beat the heat this summer with cool stuffs like watermelon. Our new Bullet journal of this month is inspired with this fruit. There would hardly anyone who don’t want a watermelon in the hot summer.

july bullet journal printable ideas
July 2020 Watermelon Bujo

Ice cream inspired Bujo for kids

Have kids at your home? Spend some great moments with them using this cute ice cream on wheels inspired bullet journal. All you need is just some crayons and a paper.

july bullet journal printable ideas
July Bullet Journal for Kids

Floral design in violet appearance

This collection won’t be completed without a floral design. So here is a violet colored floral bullet journal of this month. It is not compulsory to use this violet color, you can use your favorite color. More floral July 2020 calendars are available with beautiful flowers.

july bullet journal printable ideas
July Floral Bullet Journal

Goodbye June Hello July Bujo

Say Goodbye to June and welcome the month of July with this Bullet journal idea that you can create on your own. Add your new thoughts or plans and set the dates. Do not forget to share it with others also.

july bullet journal printable ideas
Goodbye June Hello July Bujo

Sunflower inspired beautiful printable Bujo

And last but not the least, there is a design featuring sunflowers. Designing such flower includes lot of fun and learning. Keep on trying until you get a satisfied design.

july bullet journal printable ideas
Sunflower July Bullet Journal Idea

July is again one of those months with 31 days total. Start making plans for this month and have fun. So these are July calendar bullet journal printable ideas. If you have something to say, leave your query in the comment box below. Take a look at our cute july 2020 calendar designs also.

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